Security Analyses

In a detailed evaluation cryptographic primitives and security relevant features are analyzed with respect to their abilities to withstand modern attack methods. The security analysis can – depending on your wishes and demand – also include technology from recent research results. We have astrong background in evaluating embedded systems, e.g.:

  • Contactless (NFC) and conventional smartcards
  • Microcontroller (e.g. Microchip PIC, Atmel AT(X)Mega, Infineon Tricore)
  • FPGAs (Altera, Xilinx) and ASICs
  • RFID-Token
  • Smart meter
  • Alarm systems
  • Electronic access control and locking systems
  • Harddrive and USB media encryption
  • Security ICs (secure elements)

Hardware- and Software-Engineering

Kasper & Oswald GmbH designs hardware modules and embedded systems specificly tailored to your requirements. We offer efficient implementations of security features and cryptographic primitives optimized for different platforms. Furthermore we provide many years of experience in the design of digital and analog circuits. Our portfolio includes:

  • Hardware and software design of microcontroller circuits, e.g. Microchip PIC, Atmel AT(X)Mega or Infineon Tricore
  • Circuit design for FPGA modules and VHDL development
  • Radio frequency amplifiers (HF) and audio-frequency amplifiers (LF)
  • Filter circuits and antennas
  • RFID- and NFC modules
  • Implementing cryptography in assembly, C, C++ and VHDL


Do you need support when designing your system or evaluating its security? Kasper & Oswald GmbH offers extensive consulting services from embedded development and security to overall system and backend design. To enable solid security-by-design engineering we provide assistance in understanding recent research results. This supports your decision making and allows for transferring new technologies right into your own development activities.

Talks, Trainings and Workshops

In our talks we present recent topics from IT- and embedded security at a presentation style and level of technical detail well suited for your target audience. The basics of these talks are often case studies from recent research results and may include (if desired) live demonstations of the described attack methods. Furthermore we offer workshops and trainings to qualify your team in modern IT-security (e.g., encryption, relevant standards, etc.) and also in modern security analysis (e.g., side-channel analysis). We can provide on-site trainings and also realise other venues – contact us.