Side-Channel Analysis and Fault Injection

In contrast to analyses only targeting the mathematical foundations of security systems, implementation attacks are able to efficiently exploit vulnerabilities independently of the cryptographic strength of the underlying crypto primitives. In consequence these analyses can also be applied to secure standard algorithms such as the advanced encryption standard (AES). Implementation attacks exploit the real-world physical behaviour of practical security implementations: passive side-channel analysis attacks for example may analyze measurements of the power consumption of a security device to extract secret keys in a short time. On the other hand there are active fault injection attacks which aim for disturbing the execution of cryptographic algorithms within computing devices to invalidate security mechanisms. Typical approaches include manipulations of the supply voltage, the clock or stimulating the semiconductor by means of laser or EM pulses. The resulting faulty computations often allow for a fast cryptanalysis to recover the involved secret keys.

The GIAnT (Generic Implementation ANalysis Toolkit), a platform to mount implementation attacks on embedded systems, has been made available as open source project. GIAnT complements an FPGA module by additional hardware components to put side-channel analyses and fault injection attacks efficiently into practice.


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Open Source Projects

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