The ChameleonMini, created by Kasper & Oswald, is a freely programmable, portable tool for ISO14443 / ISO15693 / NFC security analysis that can emulate & clone contactless cards, read RFID tags and sniff/log RF data. You can buy it here.


The project on github contains the complete RevG schematics, hardware layout, documentation, example scripts to control the device form a PC, and the latest Firmware. Please regularly check for updates.


Most ChameleonMini RevG have already been shipped, please have a look at our kickstarter project for recent updates. Thanks to all backers and ChameleonMini buyers for supporting the project and making this happen!


For ordering a ChameleonMini,please visit our webshop.

For reporting problems or feature requests please use the “issues” section in the github project.

For other requests with regard to Chameleon, please send an e-mail to